As a child, Rosie would get lost in the creative process, spending hours painting or wiling away an afternoon in the shed making things out of wood. At the time, these moments didn’t feel particularly significant, and so life unfolded in such a way that she found herself pursuing a career – and even a PhD – in physics. 

It wasn’t until a friend casually commissioned her to paint a picture as a gift that she realised nothing made her happier than falling into that creative space, where the challenge is to both capture and convey a mood, a feeling, an emotional place. Armed once again with a paintbrush in hand, Rosie felt called to keep going. She wanted to create more, to share, communicate, and explore the world around her – from the local landscape to industrial spaces and collected items – and the meaning they carry via her art. Her paintings are an exploration of colour, texture and light.

She works from a small garden studio at home and lives with her husband and two children in Oxfordshire.

Short Bio

Rosie is an Oxfordshire-based artist who paints and draws still life and landscapes. Her work is inspired by those things that speak to, or speak of, a person’s inner life; whether that be in relation to nature or represented by the objects we choose to surround ourselves with.